soft toys

Baby toys are not meant just to play. They play a very important role in the development of your little ones. These toys stimulate the senses, support motor development, and foster cognitive growth in babies. They are made with safety and stimulation in mind. Toys have different varieties like toys that are cuddly, cozy, and helpful companions that provide comfort to infants.  They also come in different shapes to accommodate different stages of a child’s development. They offer countless chances for discovery, imagination, and closeness between parents and their young children. Baby toys are essential for fostering a child’s interest and assisting them in making sense of their environment. Of all baby toys, soft toys prove to be the best companions for your little ones. These plush and stuffed toys never really go out of fashion. The greatest soft toys come in a variety of styles and materials, making it challenging to choose the right one. Make sure the toy is soft, adorable, safe, and helpful for your child’s growth and development. Babies have very sharp senses, they will immediately pick up changes happening around their surroundings and environment. They will help introduce them to new textures and teach them about different sizes and colors at the same time. Similar to senses, babies have brains that are like sponges and can absorb knowledge from anything they come into contact with.

Lovingly Signed

Lovingly Signed is a well-reputable baby toy store in Singapore. It is also known as the heaven of baby toys for parents. This store has everything you are looking for your little ones. This is the most trustworthy store because of its commitment to the quality and safety of its materials. They have many kinds of baby toys like:

  • Jellycat Stuffed Toys: These are the most demanding toys in this store because of their soft nature. There are many Jellycat toys available like Jellycat Bunny, Jellycat Panda, Jellycat Bear, Jellycat Fox Cub, and many other plush animals.  You can personalize your favorite Jellycat with your little one’s name. From small to large all the sizes are available. They are also available in many colors like bright colors and light colors.
  • Silicone Stacking Tower: It is made out of 6 parts and it works as both a teether and a toy. Silicone Tower encourages educational play by stimulating their senses and motor abilities.
  • Musical Toy: It is available in two colors. With this Velvet Music Toy, you can be sure that your baby will enjoy a restful night filled with pleasant dreams. When you’re out and about, you can easily attach it to your cot or stroller. Simply pull the rope to put your child to sleep while listening to music.

A complete guide to keep in mind while buying baby toys:

  1. Safety:

Safety should always come first when you are looking for toys. Make sure they are safe and have no sharp edges or protruding strings. So choose softer, bigger toys so they will not get hurt.

  1. Age-Related Toys:

You should buy toys according to your little ones’ age. Pick back-and-white toys for your newborn and various texture toys for older ones. The first year is very important for the growth of your little one. These small things can help in the development of your baby. 

  1. Promote Sensory Investigation:

Babies have very sharp senses so the toys that contain sounds, different textures, or vibrant colors, all these things stimulate the senses of children and encourage sensory exploration. Great options include soft fabric books, rattles, and Jellycat toys.

  1. Promote Motor Skills:

Toys can also help in the development of babies’ motor skills. For instance, it will help them reach, grab, and eventually crawl or walk. Think about giving them a variety of soft toys to explore with their hands and tongues.

  1. Promote Cognitive Development:

Introduce items that encourage cognitive growth to your infant as they grow. Simple puzzles, stacking cups, and toys with sound- and light-activated buttons are a few examples. Hand-eye coordination and problem-solving abilities are both enhanced by these toys.

  1. Encourage Social Contact:

As your child grows a little older, look for toys that promote imaginative play and social connections. Their understanding of social duties and the development of their language abilities can be aided by dolls and stuffed animals. 

  1. Set Screen Time Limits:

Instead of giving your baby digital toys like mobile phones, you should choose classic toys that stimulate babies’ senses and encourage active learning.

  1. Choose your Infant’s interest:

You should pay attention to your child’s preferences and interests. They frequently let you know which toys make them happy. 


Choosing the best baby toys is not just about providing your child with enjoyment; it’s also about giving them opportunities for development and exploration. Your infant can play in a supportive and exciting setting if you put safety, age-appropriacy, and sensory engagement first. Keep in mind that the bonding and delight that play fosters between you and your child are its most valuable qualities. So, choosing the ideal toys is sometimes very difficult. You should opt for Lovingly Signed for the best baby toys according to your and your little ones’ needs. They have it all at one stop at very low prices.